Gatsby with AsciiDoc and Tailwind

AsciiDoc is a text document format for writing notes, documentation, articles, books, ebooks, slideshows, web pages, man pages, and blogs. It’s designed to be human-readable and plain text, but also has a rich set of features for formatting and structuring your text. Here are some key points about AsciiDoc:

  1. Human-Readable Format: AsciiDoc is written in a plain text format, making it easy to read and write without requiring any special software.

  2. Rich Formatting Options: Despite its simple appearance, AsciiDoc supports a wide range of formatting and structuring options, including headings, tables, lists, and more.

  3. Extensible: AsciiDoc is extensible, allowing users to define their own custom attributes, macros, and templates.

  4. Output Formats: Using tools like AsciiDoctor, you can convert AsciiDoc content into many different formats including HTML, PDF, ePub, and DocBook.

  5. Single Source Publishing: Write once, and publish everywhere. With AsciiDoc, you can write your content once in a plain text file, then generate output in many different formats without having to rewrite or reformat your content.

  6. Version Control Friendly: Because it’s a text-based format, AsciiDoc works well with version control systems like Git. This makes it easy to track changes over time, collaborate with others, and manage your writing projects.

  7. Cross-Referencing: AsciiDoc supports advanced cross-referencing of content, making it easy to create complex documents with internal links, footnotes, and bibliographies.

  8. Include Mechanism: You can include content from other AsciiDoc files, making it easy to modularize and manage larger documents or document sets.

  9. Community and Tooling: There’s a strong community around AsciiDoc, and a range of tools and text editors support it.

  10. Compatibility: AsciiDoc is a mature, stable, and well-documented format, which makes it a reliable choice for documentation projects.

AsciiDoc provides a balance between ease of writing (like Markdown) and the ability to create complex, structured documents (like DocBook or LaTeX), making it a popular choice for technical writers, authors, and developers.

Some Fictional Dude ( (September 2023)